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Global Aliment is a US-based frozen seafood corporation that specializes in providing quality frozen seafood available from the Americas.

With our very own processing facility in Ecuador, we work exclusively with local fishermen and a strict quality-first policy to process & export the best Wild-Caught Shrimp to the world.


Our Wild-Caught Shrimp is caught by local artisanal fishermen from its natural marine habitat, using sustainable eco-friendly and natural/chemical-free methods in the pristine waters of the South Pacific Ocean.

Quality is pre-selected at the harvest point in our processing center, then immediately packaged and frozen at -40°C (-40°F), completely retaining the original taste and texture of this all-natural delicacy.



Wild-Caught Brown Shrimp

Origin: Ecuador

Season: March ~ December

Presentation: HOSO , HLSO , PDTO , PD

best wild caught shrimp

Wild-Caught White Shrimp

Origin: Ecuador

Season: March ~ August

Presentation: HLSO

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